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      Graeme Allan

      Premium (Pro), Kaunas

      About me

      An Alien, surviving in Kaunas, Lithuania, keeping in mind, hourly, 'Monochrome has ten tones'. My 'diet' comprises RAW files exclusively, and Photoshop.

      New Zealanders value independence, embracing the philosophy of 'Own Thingism'.
      We tend to be independent, 'possibilities' thinkers. This preference arises for a mix of location and history; when a tribe chooses to live on the edge of the Earth, how to survive is a major preoccupation. In this context, independence has its place.
      Accordingly, I make photographs that, immediately after an edit, satisfy me, for the moment.
      My style, at age 77, evolves. I can only describe it, as it stands, today.
      Photography, and Street Photography in particular, is Art. For this Possibilities Thinker, and Confucian, its is further evidence that Heaven is here and now; we have no need to wait...

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      Received / Given


      • Photographer (advanced stage)


      Sony a99V.
      Zeiss 24mm.
      Sony G 70-300mm.
      Zeiss 24-70mm.

      Fujifilm XF10.

      Ricoh GR